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  • A new custom coin design each month
  • Locked-in pricing for the life of your subscription!
  • Minting is limited to members only, no huge surpluses, overstock, or presales.
  • Member's Only Store (MOS) access to limited editions and past issues of our monthly coins.
  • Monthly e-newsletter with the MOS password, news and deals for the month.
  • Members-only specials and promotions to our network sites (,
  • A free matching Pathtag each month!

New Subscriber Bonus!

  • Sign up for 3 months or more and get a bonus random prior issue coin, a bonus random Pathtag and a coupon for 10% off a purchase at
  • Sign up for 6 months or more and you also get a bonus coupon for $20 off a purchase at
  • Sign up for a 12 month plan and get all this and a super limited edition of one of our world-famous geocoins. You can only get these as first time 12 month subscribers in our club. Nowhere else! Ultra hard to find!

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Save money, subscribe with friends!

The more coins you buy and the longer your subscription period, the more you save! You can achieve serious discounts off our base pricing by looking at a 12 month subscription for 5 coins or more per month. Find a few friends and jump onto our 12 month subscriptions for a 26-30% saving over the 3 month, 1 coin subscription! Then you can enjoy the coins and an excuse to get together for a monthly subscription distribution! Fun and coins!

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